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Honduran Firms Have Been Increasing Their Marketing Efforts toward the Taiwan MarketBOFT

Source:Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs
Published Date:2012/02/22
Effective Date:2012/03/15

Through efforts to invite major Honduran businessmen to make plans for increasing their trade with Taiwan since February of this year, the Economic Counselor’s Office has found the momentum that can be further encouraged.
The first example is from the increasing interest in importing Taiwan machines due to the export of Honduran coffee to Taiwan. As a result of the increasing export of Honduran coffee to Taiwan last year, the Honduran Coffee Association indicated its strong interest in import all kinds of machines from Taiwan by holding a coffee tasting party for people from embassies in Honduras on February 16.

The second example is from the increasing interest in importing Taiwan solar energy panels due to the export of Honduran shrimp to Taiwan. The biggest shrimp farm in Honduras is owned by Banco Atlántida. Its president Guillermo Bueso told ECO that the farm needs to establish a more stable production system;therefore, it needs to invest in establishing power generation systems.

Consequently, trade between Honduras and Taiwan would increase following the sustained interests and efforts of both sides. ECO thus suggests that Honduran firms prepare detailed inquiries so ECO can provide them with better services based on this information.