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TAITRA Promotes Taiwan Franchise Brands to Expand into Western China MarketTaiwan External Trade Development Council

Source:Taiwan External Trade Development Council

TAITRA organized a Taiwan franchise brand delegation from March 22 to 24, 2018, to participate in the "98th China Food & Drink Fair – Franchising and Chain Area" in Mainland China. TAITRA set up the "Taiwanese Franchise Brand Pavilion" to market Taiwanese specialty franchise brands to the Western China market, attracting many buyers on the spot with abundant business opportunities. For example, the exhibitor Wu Wha International Co., Ltd, already discussed with a potential customer from Chengdu local beverage stores for further details after the fair. A Shanxi wine merchant company intended to cooperate with "Word Design" for brand packaging design. “GODLOVE” also planed a follow-up discussion with famous local restaurant chains to seek further cooperation.

Under the support of the Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs, TAITRA organized a delegation of 10 Taiwanese franchise brands to participate in the said fair, including Classic Laya Burger, Wu Wha Ma International Co., Ltd., The Natural Bubbles, Grandpa Tea, Shang Tong Food International Co., Ltd, Caoly Tea, Taiwan Tao, Godlove, jdg Design Co., Ltd., and Word Design. Taiwanese snacks, tea, souvenirs, and cultural and creative products were exhibited, while jointly promoting the multiple brands of Taiwan’s service industry. It attracted many local media outlets to the pavilion for interviews during the fair, including more than 5 outlets such as Chengdu TV Station (CDTV), Chengdu Economic Daily, Tianfu Morning Paper, Sichuan Economic Daily, Sichuan News Network(NEWSSC), etc. The media was impressed by the exhibitors' content, which strengthened the exposure of Taiwan's high-quality franchise brands.

This Spring China Food & Drink Fair was first moved to Chengdu Western China International Expo City. The total exhibition area was expanded to 210,000 square meters, attracting more than 4,000 exhibitors and at least more than 400,000 visitors. Besides expanding compared with last year, the fair also achieved the largest exhibition area and the scale of exhibitors in history, establishing another milestone of the China Food & Drink Fair. Since the fair opened in 1955, it has always been a major event for the industry. Taiwanese franchise brands have entered the Chinese mainland market, enhanced exposure opportunities through professional platforms, and increased brand awareness, while at the same time, seeking cooperation opportunities through professional exchanges.