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MOEA delegation visits Japan MOEA Japan visit nets fruitful results, expands new era of collaborationIndustrial Development Bureau, MOEA

A delegation consisting of individuals from the Industrial Development Bureau (IDB), Department of Investment Services (DOIS) and the Department of Industrial Technology (DoIT) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, led by Vice Minister Yang of the MOEA, has visited Tokyo, Japan. The main purpose of the delegation was to enhance the trade and industrial collaboration between Taiwan and Japan, and to encourage Japanese industries to invest in Taiwan to jointly develop overseas markets. A NT$15 billion joint investment is expected to be achieved during the mission.
During the six-day visit, the delegation met with renowned Japanese enterprises from various areas such as finance, petrochemical materials, semiconductor manufacturing, Internet services, biotechnology, and medical industries.
The TDK Corporation, which has been investing in Taiwan for decades, has announced that it plans to invest in advanced technology in semiconductor packaging with Taiwan’s ASE, and the total joint investment will reach around NT$1.3 billion. Furthermore, KH NeoChem, a Japanese petrochemical company, has started its application for building plants, in which total investment will reach NT$13.7 billion in Taiwan with Taiwan’s CPC Corporation to manufacture INA (Isononanol), a material of high value in the petrochemical industry. The plan is the biggest Japanese investment in the petrochemical industry in Taiwan.
On July 17, witnessed by Vice Minister Yang of the MOEA, Capcom, a famous Japanese video game company, signed an MOU with the Taiwan-Japan Industrial Promotion Center of Taiwan’s Institute for Information Industry (III) in order to promote multinational collaboration between enterprises and educational institutes.
Vice Minister Yang also witnessed another MOU signed by Japan’s Avex Group Holdings and Taiwan’s Brogent Technologies. The MOU was signed to develop new cultural-creativity products. The music and multimedia visual contents of Avex Group Holdings will be combined with the motion simulation equipment of Brogent Technologies to develop new entertainment media and interactive equipment.

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