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Great Leap Forward for Traditional Industry- Traditional Industry Northern Subgroup (傳產北分團) Assists Keraia Brand to Gorgeous TransformationIndustrial Development Bureau, MOEA

If traditional clothing industry intends to create a larger market in light of globalization, it is bound to develop toward ;Branding Fashionalization; through a marketing strategy oriented mainly toward brand, design and consumers. This would allow the brand to continue its sustainable development from modernization and globalization, and create a difference in the Blue Ocean strategy competition while breaking away from low-price competition and segmenting the similar-price market.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs;Promotional Plan for Reforming Clothing Apparel Brands; (「推動成衣服飾品牌維新計畫」) is aimed to increase the added value of Taiwan fashion brands with development potential and expand their international marketing. Keraia, under the support of this plan, received various tailored assistances and guidance from Taiwan Textile Federation. In addition to providing the brand with product planning for enhancing international commodity strength and brand image, Taiwan Textile Federation also assisted the use and application of high-quality functional domestic fabrics, and strengthened the brand’s media exposure and visual integrated marketing for rapid expansion of overseas high-end market access, etc. As a result, Keraia has enjoyed substantial sales growth even in adverse market situation, with 8 to 10% sales growth rate within the last three years, while at the same time advanced into the international market as an international brand.

Furthermore, under the Industrial Development Bureau’s;Counseling Program for Manufacturing Exemplary Technological Quality Clothing Brand; (「服飾品牌示範性科技精緻生產輔導計畫」), the brand’s unique design concept and craftsmanship were manifested. The program’s matchmaking with Jia Li, Mandeli and other satellite factories helped Keraia in the fast production of small, varied amounts of high-end clothing, accelerating its market exposure and effectively enhancing its production capacity for sales on the international market.

Under the guidance of the Industrial Development Bureau focus plan, Keraia has increased its brand value and goods through design. Through more domestic and international promotional activities, Keraia is now the new charm of Taiwan’s clothing apparel brands, successfully attracting the attention of international markets.

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