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Helping Taiwan Brands Spread Their Wings and Soar into the WorldIndustrial Development Bureau, MOEA

Brands are an important element to creating high value-added products and services. The Ministry of Economic Affairs Industrial Upgrade and Transformation Service Group – Service Industry Subgroup is actively implementing the “Branding Taiwan Campaign -- Second Phase Project” to help domestic enterprises develop global brands. The subgroup implements a customized brand guidance approach and provides diverse consultation services such as brand strategy, intellectual property management, product development, design guidance, talent cultivation, and financing assistance based on the requirements of individual enterprises to strengthen the competitiveness of their brands and increase their visibility in the market.

The subgroup helped redefine the brand image of the second generation store, “Simple Mart,” as a small community supermarket, which offers selected products to attract young consumers. The number of Simple Marts is expected to grow from 260 to 600 stores, realizing its brand vision of “a happy enterprise as the first choice of easy shopping for community residents.”

The subgroup also helped a pharmaceutical company “Chung Mei Pharma” successfully built up its internal brand management and external brand communication system, as the company continues to take strides towards becoming “a leader in the health industry and preventive medicine innovation in the Asia Pacific.” Further, Chung Mei Pharma has added over a thousand new locations and actively expanded into Hong Kong, Macau, China, and Vietnam; other domestic enterprises can learn from its brand development approach when expanding into international markets.

The “Branding Taiwan Campaign -- Second Phase Project” is currently accepting applications and welcomes Taiwanese brand enterprises to submit applications before April 8. If interested, please visit the Facebook fan page “New Service Trends” ( for more information.

Contact Organization: Knowledge Service _Division, Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs
Contact Person: Mr. Chen
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