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Taiwan aiming to establish presence in unmanned tech sectorMOEA

Organization: Department of International Cooperation    
Taiwan is aiming to carve out a place in the unmanned technology sector, with the Executive Yuan embarking on strategic plans to turn the island into an indispensable star in the emerging industry. The government is also working to attract encourages leading international firms to field test related newly-developed products in Taiwan by setting up an advanced testing site.
Representatives of the Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association and relevant government agencies gathered in early May to discuss potential business opportunities in the sector. The participants from industry in general agreed that Taiwan's potential in the ICT and vehicle components industries is undeniable. Several companies have already initiated related R&D.
This can also be integrated with the 5+2 innovative industries, such as intelligent machinery, IoT under the Asia Silicon Valley Plan, and green energy technology in Tainan Science City, Minister-without-Portfolio Wu Cheng-chung said.
According to statistics, the output value of the self-driving (including auxiliary assistance) industry is roughly US$20 billion, with a growth rate of approximately 11 percent per year. The global market for self-driving vehicles is expected to reach 10 million by 2020, and sales are forecast to eventually reach one-quarter of total automobile sales.
One of the officials attending the gathering mentioned that the self-driving technology development process, however, may face challenges in terms of public safety concerns and the need for revisions to existing transportation laws.

Sources: Chinatimes, Liberty Times, UDN news